Fee Waivers

Full time employees of the State of Tennessee and those whose paychecks are issued by the Tennessee Board of Regents and the University of Tennessee qualify to use a fee waiver at Tennessee’s public institutions of higher education for one class per semester or term. The Tennessee Language Center (TLC) is among the institutions that accept fee waivers. K-12 teachers are county school district employees and not state employees, so they do not fall into the State fee waivers.  However, teachers can apply for a 15% discount at this site.

To enroll in a world language group class using a state fee waiver, please do the following:

  1. Download and print out a State Employee Fee Waiver Form. Fill out the questionnaire and upload the completed form (signed by you and your supervisor) by clicking the button here:

    We will contact you to confirm that we’ve received your valid form and issue a coupon code. Form may be signed electronically.
  2. Go to our secure registration site  and browse the online catalog by choosing the correct “Program” and then searching by language or day for the class you wish to take. Click Register to begin the registration process.
  3. Create an account for yourself using your correct email address so you will receive any subsequent correspondence regarding your class.

Please keep in mind that classes must have at least three individuals paying tuition before a fee waiver may join and that classes are capped at 12 students. Classes without adequate enrollment are subject to closure or cancellation. If a class reaches capacity (12 students) and is closed to further enrollment or is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, we will notify you with alternative class options. Please make sure to write legibly.

Your fee waiver request form will be processed within 5 days of submission.