Donate to the Tennessee Language Center

When you donate to the Tennessee Language Center, you ensure that language barriers do not hinder anyone’s potential for success or limit their access to essential services.

Did you know…

Tennessee was the #1 state for foreign direct investment job creation in 2015?
Nashville is one of the top cities in the U.S. for refugee resettlement?
Nashville is home to the second largest Kurdish population in the world outside of Kurdistan?

In today’s global world, the the need for language-related services is greater now than ever. Since 1986, the Tennessee Language Center has been dedicated to providing professional language services and creating a welcoming, receptive community for businesses and individuals from around the globe. We thrive on connecting people through language acquisition, business & cultural exchange, and ensuring both Tennessee residents and our partnering organizations are paired with the services they need to succeed in our communities, statewide.

When you give to the Tennessee Language Center, you:

  • Empower immigrants and refugees to participate more fully in their new communities through English classes
  • Promote equal access by helping patients, parents, and citizens truly connect with doctors, teachers, and social services through professional interpretation and translation
  • Enrich the lives of fellow Tennesseans through world language classes
  • Enable graduates of our TESL program to pursue their dreams of teaching in other countries or teaching English to local immigrants and refugees
  • Bring the world to Tennessee and Tennessee to the world