Foam letters spell out Learn Spanish on a red backgroundSpanish for Educators

If your school and/or district has a large number of Spanish speaking students and families, this specially designed Spanish for Educators course from the Tennessee Language Center can help your K-12 teachers, school staff, and administrators with very little to no previous Spanish study to develop:

  • cultural understanding and
  • a basic repertoire of conversation skills to engage with Spanish speakers in their schools and local communities.

The course is 10 weeks, 2 hours once a week, ONLINE and is offered multiple times a year. Intensive 5-week online classes (twice a week for two hours) are also an option depending on interest.

The Spanish for Educators course will focus on specific education setting related topics. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Spell and pronounce names correctly in Spanish and understand the importance of family names in Spanish-speaking cultures and the use of one or two first/given names and two surnames
  • Talk about schedules, meeting times, and events
  • State some common school expectations, obligations, and responsibilities
  • Provide simple recommendations and instructions
  • Recommend/direct students and parents to school personnel
  • Identify personality traits, for example, when discussing students’ strengths and areas for improvement with other teachers, school staff, and/or parents
  • Use simple words/expressions of encouragement
  • Identify and express emotions/moods to help students identify their emotions/mood using Spanish for Social-Emotional Learning in the classroom and provide empathetic feedback

and much more.

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