We are seeking qualified candidates to pursue the Employed Language Instructor Training Exchange (ELITE)!

Are you a native speaker of a language other than English or able to test at an advanced rating on the ACTFL proficiency scale in that language? The ELITE program will select qualified bilingual candidates in major world languages to teach classes at TN Language Center and simultaneously complete a 150-hr language teaching course. The candidate will attend the in-class sessions of the TESL program as scheduled (see tlc.tennessee.edu/tesl/dates) and complete the practicum teaching foreign language group classes at TN Language Center.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The candidate will pay $865 to participate in the TESL training, which is 1/3 of total cost of the training ($2595), with TN Language Center covering the remainder of the cost.
  2. The candidate will commit to work as a paid instructor at TN Language Center for at least a year, teaching at least one class per 12-week term (more if available and/or desired by the candidate), or, if group classes are not available due to low enrollment, Custom Classes, for the total number of 100 teaching hours (preparation time, half an hour per every hour taught, is also paid at 50% of the teaching rate).
    1. In the unlikely event that neither group nor custom classes are available for the candidate to teach within that year, the candidate will be employed to create classroom activities in their language for future benefit of TN Language Center.
    2. All work conducted after completion of the TESL course and practicum will be paid according to the normal TN Language Center hourly rates for trained instructors.[1]
    3. The candidate will be TN Language Center’s first choice whenever new teaching assignments become available, and is welcome to remain a member of TN Language Center teaching faculty beyond the duration of the fellowship.

Candidates who wish to complete ESL practicum required to receive the TESL certificate (= credentials to teach ESL) may do so, but ESL practicum is not part of the ELITE program and the candidate will pay any cost of the practicum as deemed by the TESL department at TN Language Center.

How to apply:

  1. Follow instructions for application to the TESL Certification Program. NOTE: TESL discounts and financial aid application do not pertain to ELITE candidates.
  2. Demonstrate fluency in selected language by taking OPI or other method.
  3. Attend an interview

Ideal candidates will demonstrate:

  • Commitment to working at TN Language Center for one year or longer
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • General aptitude as instructors (dynamic and supportive personality, strong communication skills, creativity, confidence in front of students, willingness to receive feedback)
  • Competence in the language the fellow will teach. Native speakers need to demonstrate strong grammar awareness in their native language; non-native speakers need to demonstrate near-native fluency.
  • Native English proficiency (required to successfully participate in the in-class part of the TESL course)
  • Availability to teach on weekday nights (daytime classes may be available to teach as well)

[1] Current teaching rates of pay for TN Language Center Language Instructors average $20 dollars per hour + paid prep time.