Tennessee Language Center Logo with UT logoAbout the Tennessee Language Center

The Tennessee Language Center (TLC) is an agency of the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service.  TLC focuses on language learning, teaching, and services for the public sector, the business community, and private citizens with a mission of facilitating the intercultural communication goals of Tennesseans and others around the globe.

The State of Tennessee created TLC in 1986 under the name Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI). TFLI was a “center of excellence” with the purpose of preparing Tennessee for globalization. TLC became part of the Institute for Public Service of the University of Tennessee in 2018.

The Tennessee Language Center’s Mission:

The Tennessee Language Center strives to facilitate intercultural communication through the provision of quality language instruction; translation and interpretation services; professional development for interpreters, translators and language instructors; and cultural awareness programs for Tennesseans and the public at large.

The Tennessee Language Center’s Vision:

A world community enriched by linguistic and cultural diversity, unhindered in its efforts to create meaningful dialogues.

The Tennessee Language Center’s Values:

  • Service – Giving back to the community, staying mission-focused, making a difference.
  • Passion – Enthusiastically dedicated to accomplishing our goals.
  • Equity – Treating others fairly, respecting their diversity, with empathy.
  • Accountability – We own our jobs and perform them to high standards.
  • Knowledge – Learning is a lifelong journey that does not end with formal education.