The Tennessee Language Center has been offering corporate language services to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations since 1986. Whatever your language needs are, TLC can help. We work with individuals, small groups or departments, or entire organizations to meet your language goals.

We offer the following corporate language services:

Language Classes

We provide language classes – onsite, online, or at our offices. Our students have included employees who:

  • travel or relocate to work in another country;
  • have clients or vendors who operate in other countries;
  • need to understand a language better to communicate to teams that have limited English proficiency;
  • want to improve their English skills for better job opportunities.

Language Testing

We provide language assessments and testing for employees or potential employees.

Translation & Interpretation

We also offer document translation for businesses, organizations, and government entities; and interpretation for corporate events, meetings and trainings, conferences, and customer interactions.

Cultural & Diversity Training

The professionals at the Tennessee Language Center help facilitate business without borders. In today’s global environment, the best businesses are not only in compliance with Title VI but take the lead on culture and diversity training. Training and workshops can help bolster the cultural competency of an organization, as well as offer solutions to common problems in communication.

We’d love to work with you on the corporate language services you need. We’ll set you up to succeed, no matter what your language needs may be. Please contact us via email at or via phone at 615-741-7579 to get started.

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