TLC Promotes Language Access to Medical Administrators

TLC Training Specialist Richard Ponce de Leon recently presented information about language access in health care to the Medical Group Managers Association in Clarksville. The event was attended by medical practice administrators with the goal of improving service to their limited English proficiency patients.

TLC Helping Metro Nashville with Language Access Plans

TLC is collaborating with the Metro (Nashville) Human Relations Commission on language access plans. Language Access Plans are policy documents required by Title VI that contain information on the LEP individuals served by an organization, and they are composed basically of a Language Needs Assessment (Four-Factor Analysis), a Notice of Language Access Services, a guide on how to request services and other related information. TLC has delivered a brand-new language access plan for the Metro Arts Commission and updated and added statistical information to the language access plan for the Metro Office for Family Safety.

Construction worker laying on ground after falling

TLC Offers Fall Terminology Webinar for Interpreters

TLC offered an online webinar in April for Spanish interpreters on the terminology for falls, particularly in regard to Workers’ Compensation cases. The work involves specialized knowledge of both medical and legal terminology. Spanish Interpreters from Tennessee, Louisiana, and New Mexico completed the webinar and are now better able to handle appointments for Workers’ Compensation cases after completing the course, and the clients they are interpreting for are better represented.

A group of people of various ages, races, and genders standing in a half circle making a pile of alternating hands in front of them

TLC to Present 3 Workshops About Generational Diversity in the Workplace

These online webinars can be purchased individually or as a package. They will all take place from 10-11:30 a.m. Central.

April 4 – Understanding Generational Differences

April 26 – Positive Communications Across Generations

May 15 – Leveraging Generational Differences in the Workplace

Learn more or register.

Gavel resting on a desk with a book and balance in the background to illustrate our Court Interpreter Workshop

Fall Court Interpreter Workshop Concludes

The Fall Court Interpreter Workshop had 26 participants representing 16 counties in Tennessee. For the first time, an interpreter for Karen, the language spoken in Myanmar and parts of Thailand, took the course. This workshop provided by the Tennessee Language Center is the first step in becoming an interpreter with the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Young hand holding older, wrinkled hand on top of hospital blanket

TLC Interpreter Webinar Focuses on End of Life Conversations

TLC presented a webinar on Oct. 22 for interpreters, especially medical interpreters, about interpreting for end-of-life conversations. With palliative and hospice care becoming more common, interpreters are often present for these conversations, and the workshop focused on how to handle them.

“The subject was very interesting, and it does not get covered a lot,” said one attendee. “This was one of the best webinars I ever attended.”

TLC Works to Improve Disaster Communications in Nashville

TLC has taken a leadership role in the newly launched Cultural Ambassadors for Disaster Communication (CADC) program. Together with the Nashville Mayor’s Office and Office of Emergency Management (OEM), TLC is co-leading the program that aims to improve communications during disasters with the immigrant and limited English proficiency communities with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

During previous disaster in the Nashville area like flooding and tornadoes, it was often hard to reach these communities before, during, and after with emergency information. The goal of the CADC is to have “ambassadors” within those communities that are already in trusted or leadership positions. OEM and TLC will provide special training to these ambassadors. The program launched this Fall and will continue the ambassador training through the rest of 2022 and into 2023. TLC Training Specialist Richard Ponce de Leon is representing TLC in the program.