Interpreter Assessment

The Tennessee Language Center can evaluate an interpreter’s skills through an interpreter assessment. We  can use standardized tests or create interpretation assessments in commonly requested languages customized to your organization’s needs. To learn more, please contact us at or 615-741-7579.

General Interpreter Assessment

The Alta Logo which is a black square with a red triangle and the white text Alta The Tennessee Language Center provides general exams for consecutive interpretation skills via ALTA Language Services. This exam requires the candidate to perform a consecutive interpretation between two speakers over the phone and is scored on linguistic components as well as overall accuracy according to ALTA’s protocol. As total fluency in the language pair is a basic requirement for interpretation, ALTA recommends first screening candidates in their non-native language using the Spoken (Oral) Proficiency Test. To schedule an exam, please contact us at

See the list below for interpretation contexts and languages offered for these exams.

Medical Medical (cont.) Military Legal Behavioral Health Diplomatic
Albanian Korean Albanian Amharic Spanish Arabic MSA
Amharic Nepali Arabic Iraqi Arabic MSA
Arabic MSA Portuguese (Brazil) Arabic Libyan Arabic Lebanon
Arabic Egypt Portuguese (Portugal) Arabic Moroccan Burmese
Arabic Iraq Punjabi (Eastern) Arabic Tunisian Chinese Mandarin
Arabic Lebanon Romanian Arabic Yemeni French
Arabic Morocco Russian Arabic MSA German
Arabic Yemen Somali Dari Haitian
Bosnian Spanish Farsi Hausa
Burmese Tagalog French Hindi
Chinese Cantonese Telugu Pashto Hmong
Chinese Mandarin Turkish Russian Korean
Dari Ukrainian Punjabi (Eastern) Portuguese (Brazil)
Farsi Urdu Somali Russian
French Vietnamese Spanish Somali
Gujarati Urdu Spanish
Haitian Uzbek Tagalog
Hindi Tigrinya
Hmong Urdu
Japanese Vietnamese