Certified Translations

Does your document need to be certified?
If the document you need translated will be used by a third party that requires an “official” or certified translations (college admissions, immigration, legal proceedings, etc.), we can issue your translation with a notarized Certificate of Accurate Translation. This document assures the person or organization you are giving the translation to that the document was translated by a professional translator to the best of their ability, and that it is a complete and accurate translation of the original document.

If you know you will need a Certificate of Accurate Translation, please let us know when you submit your translation request.

Simply email your document to us at its.languagecenter@tennessee.edu or fax it to 615- 253-5488  with your contact information included, and we will reply with a quote for the cost and delivery date.

Certified translations can only be delivered as hard copies (not via e-mail) because the notary stamp is only valid with the original signatures of the translator and notary. You may pick your translation up when it is ready, or we can mail it to you for an extra fee.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at 615-741-7579 or its.languagecenter@tennessee.edu, or visit our main translation page for more information.