Audio Transcription and Translation

Photo of headphones laying on a computer keyboard to represent audio transcription and translationIf you have an audio recording of someone speaking another language, the Tennessee Language Center can provide a transcription and translation for you. We will provide the transcription and translation in a table format with time stamps so a precise moment in the recording can be cued for review. All transcription/translation projects include proofreading and editing.

How it Works

Email your audio file to us, and we will review it for sound quality and length.

We will then provide a no-obligation estimate for the cost and turn-around time required. Cost is based on a number of factors including language, length of recording, and sound quality. In general, we charge an hourly fee per minute of recording.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at 615-741-7579 or, or visit our main translation page for more information.