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Freelance Interpreters & Translators

To Apply:

Freelance interpreters & translators interested in working for TLC should a email resume, cover letter, and two professional references to its.languagecenter@tennessee.edu.

Freelance Interpreters & Translators Requirements

The Tennessee Language Center interpreters and translators are expected to possess relevant education, training, and experience to handle a wide variety of assignments requiring specific vocabularies and skills. Our interpreters are timely, organized, able to navigate unfamiliar/complex situations, and lifelong learners.

Our most successful interpreters and translators are trained professionals who respond promptly to calls and emails, are willing to learn new technology, open to constructive feedback, incorporate new skills and feedback into assignments, and excellent communicators.

Interpreters must have reliable transportation to get to assignments on time.

Translators must be based in the USA.

Our interpreters and translators work with us remotely on a contract (“freelance”) basis. They choose which assignments to accept and are paid by assignment. Flexible scheduling makes it possible to balance working as an interpreterhttps://tlc.tennessee.edu/interpretation-and-translation/interpretation/ or translator with many of life’s commitments.

Our interpreters and translators are vital to the success of our agency, and help us provide our interpretation and translation services. They are often the face and voice of The Tennessee Language Center; whether it is through in-person interaction within Tennessee’s communities or the written word. That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring the success of our interpreters and translators through timely feedback, fair pay, training opportunities, and friendly support staff.