Translation Services

Man with glasses and beanie sitting in front of computer screen to provide translationThe Tennessee Language Center provides high quality, professional translation services for a wide variety of projects. Whether you need a PowerPoint presentation translated for international investors or personal or legal documents translated into English, the Tennessee Language Center provides translation services in more than 70 languages. We also offer certified translations as well as audio transcriptions and translations.

The translation process entails much more than converting text from one language to another; good translation actually focuses on conveying the meaning of the original text in a clear and culturally relevant manner. Trained translators with subject matter expertise, like the ones at Tennessee Language Center, are able to understand the document fully in its original language and convey the same shades of meaning and context in the target language. Our translators are native-speakers of the languages they work with and are certified by or members of the American Translators Association.

You will be assigned to a Translation Project Manager who will oversee your translation project from start-to-finish. Our quality guarantee means each translation project undergoes a four-point quality review including proofreading, editing, formatting and content review by our team of translators, editors and Translation Project Managers.

If you need a translation, please complete the Translation Request Form. You can also contact us at 615-741-7579 or with any questions you have.